Professional Window Replacement in Brigham City UT

Professional Window Replacement in Brigham City UT

Window Replacement in Brigham City UT

When it comes to window replacement, you cannot be too cautious about the professional you select to do the work. You want a contractor who is not only an expert in the field, but someone who is transparent in their billing and professional in their delivery of the product. Accent Windows, specializing in window replacement in Brigham City UT and a Brigham City UT window repair contractor, is that professional.

Replacing or repairing a window is much more than just simply ordering glass and popping it into a frame. The correct glass must be ordered, such as single or double pane. The correct frame, both to match the existing frames and to provide proper weather conditioning from the outside elements, must be considered.

Common Amateur Mistakes

It may come with little surprise, but there are a few common mistakes that the discount freelance handyman will make when installing a window:

  • He will not properly shim in the window. Shimming the window is important for making the window level in the opening. This is important for appearance and the joint sealants that must follow.
  • He will break the material during install. Cracked glass or a scratched frame from an ill-placed hammer is something commonly observed from the untrained amateur. This often leads to additional material and installation costs.
  • He will not properly seal around the window. Before the window is even installed, new flashing must be applied. This flashing will seal the window opening in from unwanted drafts or rain water.
  • He will not caulk around the joints properly. Home owners often complain about leaking in the windowsill. That is often because the corners of the window opening were not properly sealed prior to installation of the window frame.
  • Poor finish against the finished drywall inside usually leads to an unusually large caulk joint, which both looks bad and provides poor protection from drafts.

For these reasons, and several more, you need an experienced professional for your window replacement in Brigham City UT. Your home is your most valuable asset. Do not hire cheap labor to work on it, potentially making things worse rather than better. Accent Windows is an experienced Brigham City UT window repair and window replacement contractor.

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